Energize your life! Men's Color and Camouflage color subtly revives and recharges your appearance. Within minutes, your grays are camouflaged, naturally blended, and gradually fade without unnatural gold or red tones. Look great, look younger , look stylist !

Your service includes an intensive consultation to best suit your desired style and look. While processing, you will need to change into a smock or robe to protect your clothes. While your hair is processing, you can browse through hairstyle books and check out our organic Eufora Men's hair line featuring aloe vera for home hair care to keep your hair looking fabulous at all time. You can also choose to enjoy our complimentary beverage and hand massage. When the color has completed processing, you will have a relaxing hair wash with a distressing head massage all while having your hair conditioned with our luxurious Eufora Urgent Repair Replenishment Treatment.

Services Associate Designer Senior Designer Master Designer
Cap Hightlight and Cut $77 + $87 + $97 +
Camouflage Color With Hair Cut (MEN) $77 + $87 + $97 +
Men Hair Cut $30 + $35 + $45 +
Men Cut with Clipper Only $25 + $30 + $35 +
Beard and Mustache Trim $27 + $37 + $37+

Book your follow-up complementary blow dry no more than two weeks after your color service to help us ensure that your color is amazing!

Prices may vary depending on length and thickness of your hair.
Please call 24 hours in advance to cancel your appointment.
To serve you best please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time.
Synergy Salon offers you three tiers of experience to serve you better.
Prices listed above are for Junior, Senior, and Master Designers.

A great hair cut and an amazing color will make you smile

We create your Own style in an tranquility environment
With premiere hair care products, tools and newest techniques.