Wherever you went, you must go back!

I sat in my car in front of this place called Synergy. Hmmm...I wondered, should I or shouldn't I try ONE MORE hair salon???? I opened the door and stepped in-First impression---peaceful environment and pleasant aroma. Now, let's see if they even have an opening! Quy (an unusual almost musical name) told me that she had an opening in an hour. "Could I come back?" Well, I thought, I've come this far, I may as well.

An hour later I was in the chair. "What do want." I looked at Quy and said, "a young hair do!" Okay, so I'm old, but I FEEL young-That counts, doesn't it? "How do you want your hair fixed?" "I teach and that I know how to do. The hair is your talent. Do what you think." The washing was so relaxing. Hot towel was then wrapped around my head. A feeling of calmness came over me. That is a rare event for a hyper person such as myself! 🙂 Quy worked her magic.

When I walked in my home and modeled my new do for my husband, he said, "Wherever you went, you must go back!" Two weeks later I am back telling you about my experience!

Today Quy is preparing my hair for a very dressy wedding. I already KNOW my hair will look fantastic! That is an important part of getting ready not only for everyday, but especially for a SPECIAL event. Looking for a salon where you can get a little peacefulness in your day and feel like a new person when you leave? Try SYNERGY in Sycamore Commons!

~ Carol Patterson

Very pleased with highlights!

I just had my hair highlighted and I am very pleased with the results. Quy took her time in choosing the correct color for my shade of hair and it is a beautiful match. My highlights look natural, as if it was "sun-kissed", just as I described what I wanted. Once the process began, I was treated as if I was at an upscale salon. I was shown to a changing area so that I could remove my shirt and given a "smock" so as to not get product on my clothing. I was offered water, tea, or coffee. Each step of the highlighting was explained to me so that I knew what to expect. Once completed, my shampoo/condition included a massage that I wished did not have to end. It was so relaxing! Quy made sure that every step of the process was an experience, not just an appointment.

The prices were extremely reasonable and I was not charged for the extra amenities. It is the little touches that made my visit pleasurable.Thank you Synergy Salon and Quy for the personalized attention.

Pros: Stylist took her time in choosing the right shade for my highlights.

~ Mia Ivanova

Fabulous Experience

Finding a new salon after relocating…never easy! Stumbled across Synergy Salon and found a real GEM! Quy, the owner, is fantastic with color and awesome with haircuts for both men and women (my husband now goes too). The salon has a great feel to it, very relaxing, beautiful colors, fantastic music, immaculate and contemporary. Looks and feels upscale yet very comfortable. I highly recommend it. Well Done!

~ Paula Baucom

Wonderful experience!

This salon is wonderful. I got pampered the whole time and the stylist spent a lot of time consulting me about my cut and color preferences. The products are fabulous and my hair looks great!! I would highly recommend this salon! Worth every penny!!

~ Mandy Glenn

A Sublime Experience

Synergy Salon has a very calming and relaxing atmosphere. I have followed Quy from a previous salon to her own salon, because she is so superlative in her styling and brings a level of expertise and experience to her work that I greatly appreciate. Quy has created an inviting and very pleasant oasis of hair styling and hospitality at Synergy Salon. I highly recommend Synergy Salon to anybody–man or woman–who is seeking a truly fantastic haircut or style in a serene and nurturing environment. In all things, Quy brings a sensitivity to her work that is reflected in the wonderful hair styles, cuts and coloring that she and her staff do. Quy has also cut my wife’s hair, and both my wife and I were thrilled with it–it is the best haircut and style she has had in years, certainly the best in Charlotte. One last thing–getting my hair washed at Synergy Salon is a sublime experience. It is not just a washing of the hair–it is a gentle and nurturing, relaxing experience–it is both a washing of the hair and a gentle scalp massage. It is a wonderfully sensual precedent to a truly great haircut and styling. Go to Synergy Salon and enjoy Quy’s work. Again, I highly recommend this salon!!

~ Michael Burnett


Last year I was in the middle of a color crisis, and my mom and I came across Synergy.

We went in for a quick consultation and Quy, the master stylist and owner, was eager to help. I made an appointment the next day...and so did my mom! Quy fixed my color and gave me the best haircut of my life! The salon has a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere, and the employees just put me at ease. I always look forward to coming to Synergy, and feel SO confident in my hair when I leave. In fact, my mom and I BOTH will be customers for life. Synergy gets a 5 star rating, but they deserve so much more! If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere, quality products and great service you need to go to Synergy - worth every penny! (oh, and you need to try Euphora's Elevate Finishing Spray when you go - lightweight but super strong hold)

~ Sara Lail

Fantastic Hair Salon!

After going to numerous hair salons around the Charlotte area, I find myself returning to Synergy because of the welcoming atmosphere, cheerful staff, and professional haircut and highlight that I get every time I come. This is a place I would definitely recommend to my family and friends!

~ Kathlene Hendrick

Relax and enjoy!

What an amazing stop in middle of the hustle and bustle of city life , so quiet and relaxing, feeling deeply Zen.

The atmosphere of the place, the choice of decoration and wall colors gives some nice

Asian spa flair to the salon.

The owner Quy is not only a wonderful friend always ready to talk and listen, sharing all your joys and worries, but also a very efficient high quality professional when it comes to hair color, cut, style. Adding some very nice head massages and steam towel applications, her expert fingers will allow you to forget your daily chores for a couple of hours.

You end up leaving with a very good feeling of beauty and serenity...

Other employees of the salon also are very friendly and welcoming...

~ Alicia Nelson

Perfect Synergy...

I gotta be honest. I go through hairstylists like boyfriends. As soon as I realize they are not listening and hearing me...that they are not being honest with me.... I am GONE!! If you see me with a fire engine red mullet, you will know a hairstylist break-up has just occurred. Yet....It is always onward and upward. I continue to search for "The ONE"..."The keeper"....the one who listens, understands and hears what I want.

Synergy Salon is a keeper! Quy always listens and always hears me. She makes recommendations based on what I desire. She is honest and straight-forward about what will and will not look fabulous on me.

Synergy's prices are more than fair. Especially when you realize what comes with the great hairstyle. I get a nice comfy robe when I walk thru the door. I get hot tea without having to ask. I am always greeted with a smile and genuine happiness. Quy and all the folks at Synergy Salon clearly love what they do. It shows in the way they treat their customers and the quality work they do.

Thanks to Quy and the folks at Synergy Salon my hairstylist break-up cycle is officially over....and I have FANTASTIC HAIR!!!!

~ Gail Henderson

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