Classy Lash Extensions

Eyelashes are the most crucial part to make you beautiful. At Synergy Salon, we have beauty-experts to attach synthetic Mink eyelashes to each of your natural lashes. You will get beautiful, thicker, and longer lashes to boost up your facial look. Our experts are so skillful that they will give you a completely natural look to your eyelashes. You can choose a wide variety of styles, curls, and lengths to have a look you love most.

Our style experts will help you to select a style that will be the best for your eyes-type and facial shape. We also consider the style matched with your lifestyle. Among so many amazing styles, you can choose one. You can also customize lashes to achieve the style you dream to have.

Natural Lashes

Our skillful eyelash experts can give you a natural eye shape with exclusive extensions. The gradual lengthy lashes are set toward the outer corner with shorter lashes at the inner corner. The best-suited eyes are- almond, mono-lid, protruding, and close-set eyes.

Gorgeous lashes

We set longer extensions in the center of the eye and gradually go down in length at both corners. The style is best suited for almond, deep-set, down-turned, mono-lid, hooded, or wide-set eyes.

Hot Lashes

We can make you fit for any party or occasion by extending eyelashes in a style that makes every wink count. We set longer lashes at the outside edge in such a style that gives you a cat-eye appearance. The eye-shapes suitable for the style are- protruding, mono-lid, almond, and close-set eyes.

Cute Lashes

Our skillful eyelash specialists set longer eyelashes in the center of the eyelash-line so that it appears larger and more open. The best-suited eye shapes are- almond, deep-set, down-turned, wide-set, mono-lid, and hooded eyes.

Eyelash Full Set and Refill service

We are experts to set full eyelashes as you wish without taking much time. Our eyelash extension service is fast but qualitative. Before any occasion or party, you can visit us for a full eyelash extension or eyelash refill services. We provide you with eyelash removal services as well.

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