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Synergy salon is dedicated to providing remarkable hair care in a relaxing environment.


To Inspire World Class IMAGE, Create Raving Fans—and Serve All People with Excellence , Integrity and Relaxing Atmosphere.


To provide Relaxing Knowledge, Education, and Fashion-forward LOOKS that enhance the Self-Esteem, IMAGE, Self-Confidence of the Customers we Serve.


To consistently Deliver an Extraordinary Client Experience that Exceeds Guest Expectations.








Synergy Salon is dedicated to providing each individual Client with incredible, outstanding, and extraordinary Service—conducted under the Highest Standards of Business Ethics. Our Clients are our KEY to Success. Therefore, creating Excellent Value for Clients is the KEY to both our SUCCESS and SURVIVAL.

Each Member of our Team supplies a vital link in our Client Service Chain and—as a Team—becomes our source of competitive advantage. Both Individual Potential and Teamwork must be developed to accomplish our Common Mission. The Philosophy outlines our Company Beliefs and our Guide to Serving our Clients and one another.

WE believe it is a privilege to Service our Clients, and that each Client deserves a Value-Added Experience each time they enter Synergy Salon.

WE choose to adopt a Philosophy for Management and Operation that involves a commitment to the habit of going above & beyond. We believe this is a Life Choice that benefits—both directly and indirectly—the Individual to whom Service is rendered AND the Individual supplying the Service. We continue to believe that this results in Personal Growth through self-reliance, greater initiative, and a sharper focus on our Shared Vision.

WE believe everyone will act in accordance with the Highest Standards of Personal and Professional Conduct.

WE believe in a Management System that focuses on Knowledge gained through shared experience.

WE believe in recognizing and respecting the ability, potential, and dignity of each Individual.

WE believe as Synergy Salon that we are Partners with other Staff Members—and our objective is to meet each Partner’s individual needs by building a strong Motivational Framework.

WE believe in having a Trusting and Cooperative Environment where Two-Way Communications are FREE and open.

WE believe in outlining Clear Goals and a Process by which to achieve them. We believe in establishing a Rewards System for Goals successfully achieved and—conversely—we agree to weather the consequences and redefine our Goals should we falter.

WE choose to see every obstacle and failure as an opportunity for both Business and Personal Growth. We understand that people will fail forward—and we will be there to support them!

WE believe in achieving a BALANCE because we believe that Work for Work’s sake alone is ultimately dissatisfying. We believe that Work must be tempered with humor, fun, compassion, inquisitiveness, patience, and joy. We believe that in making this Statement we are making a commitment to SUCCESS.

WE believe in the importance and value of Continuing Education to maintain the leading edge. We understand that to be the BEST only happens by consistently developing our people, business and technical skills to take our Life and Business to the Highest Level of Excellence.

WE believe that the Environment we work in to Serve our Clients deserves to be kept clean and organized at all times. We believe that to achieve this takes the Help and Support of the entire Team.

A quote by Lewis Edwards:

For decades Great Athletic Teams have harbored One Simple Secret that only a few select Business Teams have discovered—and it is this: 'To play and win together, you must practice together.'

Join Synergy Team Today:

Our Team consists of highly experienced and dedicated professional designers. We are passionate about hair styles and current fashion trends. Training class also available. Are you interested in becoming part of the Synergy Salon Team ? Download Application for Team Synergy Salon here. You may apply in person on Monday – Thursdays 10AM – 6PM. Send your resume, application and questions to

"Together we’re more."
"Synergy happens when qualified people align on a common objective"
– Scott Beare and Michael Mc.Millian

A great hair cut and an amazing color will make you smile

We create your Own style in an tranquility environment
With premiere hair care products, tools and newest techniques.