Facial Waxing

To finish the look you’ve dreamt of, complete your service with a facial waxing to present a flawless presentation. We use only wax for sensitive skin and have it set at only warm temperature to provide your skin the best comfortable experience.

If your skin is sensitive or tends to stay red longer than 15 minutes after a waxing service, we have a few tips to a more pleasant waxing service. An hour or so before waxing, take a pain reliever with an anti-inflammatory agent in it such as, Advil. This will help to relieve pain and redness. A little planning will make your day brighter.

Brow $17

The right arches will emphasize your eyes and make you look younger, and healthier. They can even let you get away with wearing less makeup.

Lip $12

While upper lip waxing may sound easy enough to do at home, we can guarantee the best results. We use a cream wax- heated up in a wax pot. Cream Wax is great for delicate skin on the upper lip because it is one of the gentlest waxes. It is also easier to remove because it has a less sticky consistency.

Chin $12

Hair needs to be about ¼” long before it can be waxed. While it may take some time to reach this length, when waxed, it can grab a lot of hair at once, and you won’t have to wax for about a month because it has been removed from the root.

Cheek $12

Cheek waxing tends to be slightly more aggravating to the skin. It is recommended to take an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and pain. If your skin is overly sensitive, let your technician know so they may provide a protective solution between your skin and the wax.

Jaw Line $12

Jaw Line waxing is convenient in only requiring maintenance every few weeks and making sure that the growth is no different than how it already was.

Chin and neck $18

After services, washing the area gently (without any cleansers that may cause friction) is suggested. Wearing your hair up for the rest of the night will also prevent friction and the use of a fresh pillow case will deter irritation and breakouts.

Full face $40

All services mentioned above, excluding Brow Waxing

Prices may vary depending on length and thickness of your hair.
Please call 24 hours in advance to cancel your appointment.
To serve you best please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time.
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Prices listed above are for Junior, Senior, and Master Designers.

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