Celebrating Valentine’s Day: the past and present romance around the Holiday

Celebrating Valentine’s Day: the past and present romance around the Holiday

Posted on February 8th, 2018 by quy

This month is all about love. Loving others, loving yourself and – most importantly – loving your hair!

Let Synergy Salon help you fall in love with your locks all over again!

Having healthy, shiny hair is just as important as loving your style and color. In February only, when you visit Synergy Salon in Mathews NC for your choice of hair color service, you will receive a customized hair treatment for FREE.

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Valentine’s Day Tips for Gifting Men

Men appreciate it when women turn the tables. The lion’s share of Valentine’s Day planning is usually left to the men, but when a woman makes the plans and does the wooing, it keeps her man on his toes and makes the day exciting.

Take time to look your best. Sparks will fly when you feel confident and your partner feels appreciated. Plan a special surprise, but really go the whole nine yards. Dress up. Get your hair done, and a get a manicure. An up-do, or a special style makes a statement. The build-up will begin when you walk through the door looking like a million bucks. Be playful, and spontaneous, say, “I love you” without words––do something to make him blush! It will be an evening he’ll never forget.

Valentine’s Day Tips for Gifting Women

If you’re a man, hear this! Valentine’s Day is not the day for practical gifts. Don’t whisk her away to get her tires rotated, or present her with some useful kitchen appliance wrapped up in a bow. Unless, of course, she’s just that kind of woman, and you know it will put her on cloud nine. Frankly, I’ve never met any of these women. Valentine’s Day is a time for investing in the trifles. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to impress, but get her something extravagant that she won’t be likely to splurge on for herself.

Has your partner been running ragged? Refueling and recharging are oftentimes a great way to inject the romance back into a relationship. It’s hard to be romantic when you’ve been burning the candle at both ends. The gift of a day of pampering at the salon will make her feel loved and cared for, and she will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and confident.

Valentine’s Day Tips for Gifting Yourself

All by yourself on V-Day? Love is in the air, but on Valentine’s Day, some are just reminded of their loneliness. It’s a special day to celebrate love, but it doesn’t have to be romantic love. Look around to see if someone in your life could use a boost. Thinking about ways to bring sunshine to someone in need is a great way to celebrate the day.

The best cure for loneliness on Valentine’s Day is to pamper yourself! Contact Synergy Salon for our special Valentine’s Day offer in February only and take advantage of this opportunity to treat yourself! You deserve it.

How Did We Start Celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day most likely originated in ancient Rome. It began as a fertility festival involving goat’s blood and leather whips (Eek!), but was eventually recast as a Christian feast day to honor St. Valentine. Just who was this saintly hero? It remains a mystery. There are three guys named Valentine; all supposedly were martyred on February 14.

Chaucer and Shakespeare began to link Valentine’s Day with romance in their poetry centuries later. Exchanging hand-made cards on Valentine’s Day became a trendy way to break the icy formalities of Victorian England. Catching on across the pond, enterprising Americans created Hallmark Cards, and launched the greeting card mega-industry we know today.

How to Recapture the Romance on Valentine’s Day

We’ve come a long way from handcrafted verses on lacy doilies. Musical cards, chocolate candy, singing stuffed animals, boxer shorts––if you can print a heart on it, you can buy it for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re a crafty-cookie, the options are as endless as the pins on Pinterest. From heart-shaped pizzas, to love altars lit with luminaries, ideas are only a few keystrokes away. But, sometimes a thousand points of light are more blinding than inspiring. I don’t know about you, but Pinterest gives me a headache.

When you really want to make a love-connection, you have to use the computer between your ears. Romance begins with forethought and kindness. At any age or stage of your relationship, the bottom line is, everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. Figure out what makes your sweetie tick. If you make the extra effort to show you’ve noticed, it is a rejuvenating gift that keeps on giving. Your loved one will automatically want to reciprocate.

“How Do I Love Thee?” Words Go a Long Way

Most of us today rely on Hallmark to say all the right words. Not everyone is a poet––that’s how the greeting card industry stays in business. But, a personally written sentiment, however clunky, can be uniquely meaningful to you both. Only you can put that on paper.

Take some time alone and just marinate in the things you notice and appreciate about your partner. It doesn’t have to me a poem. Just a paragraph of what you love about your Valentine speaks volumes more than a store-bought card never could. If you’re a person of few words., pull out the thesaurus. Plunge in with both feet and give your best effort. It is a risk, but one that conveys true, genuine feeling.

Love for the Long-Haul

Even if you’re in a happy long-term relationship, you will never outgrow the desire to be appreciated and loved. Making original efforts to show affection are especially important for the long-term couple. Giving candy and flowers over and over again each year can grow stale. Show you are still emotionally engaged and keep your relationship vibrant.

No one knows better than you what floats your Valentine’s boat. Is it food? Then plan a gourmet meal in an intimate setting. Is it a favorite show or event? Get tickets. The key to a perfect Valentine’s Day is love, personal attention, and thoughtfulness.

Invest time, thought, and ingenuity into creative altar building. Snippets of your life together tell the story of your relationship. Make an arrangement of personal milestones you have experienced together. Paint them on smooth stones, or represent them with personal objects. You have lots of memories to draw upon––use them. You will end up feeling more romantic yourself just by putting it together.

Here Are Synergy Salon’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone Special in Your Life

These treatments complement all our other services. All treatments include a head massage which will relax your body and mind. In that relaxation is the reduction of stress and its related chemical effects. We can’t measure it. Still, we believe it is the start of healing.

Hair Mask Treatment – $30+

Give your hair this treatment as a gift. It is an intense conditioning process which involves steaming your hair with a conditioning mask for 15 minutes.This mask treatment has the exotic and powerful oils of Kukui, Argan and Cranberry. These oils provide a unique treatment experience. They instant creates silky smooth youthful hair. They renew the vibrancy of your natural color or color treated hair. It’s antioxidant properties help protect your hair from damage due to heat styling and adverse environments. Your hair will love you for it!

Conditioning Treatment – $30+

This treatment is a protein rich restructuring and conditioning treatment that strengthens and restores vibrancy to dry, damaged or color treated hair. It contains extracts of Menthol and Camphor to stimulate circulation to the scalp. It also has ingredients which help heal and sooth dry, itchy scalps

Redken Color Extend Chemistry Treatment – $30+

An exclusive, professional in-salon service, Redken Chemistry offers intense, customized treatments for all that your hair needs – moisture, color protection, strength, softness, and control!

A deep conditioning treatment such as Redken Chemistry is great for distressed hair. Distressed hair is weakened hair that has been physically changed in some way. There are two key types of hair distress:

  • Chemical Distress: This is caused by overuse of chemical services such as hair color, lightening, perming or straightening
  • 2. Mechanical Distress: This is caused by normal wear and tear from blow-drying, curling and flat irons, and every day brushing

Olaplex Treatment – $45+

Olaplex, the color treatment that not only prevents damage, but also rebuilds bonds long broken from previous color treatments. With Olaplex, you can color your hair more frequently and still have beautiful healthy, hair.

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