Five Ways to tell Spring is Here and how to make it better

Five Ways to tell Spring is Here and how to make it better

Posted on March 7th, 2018 by quy

L. Christopher Butler

1. It’s the light

In northern climes, especially in the Great Lakes region, winter is know for clouds. That bright yellow thing in the sky is rarely seen. Of course they miss it. That is why tickets to Cancun in January become more expensive.

Here in the Charlotte area we have our cloudy days, especially in February, but sunshine rules. Bright Carolina blue skies comfort us through the chilly weather. But there are differences in the light. In the winter the light comes into our homes late and from a low angle. We feel lucky to have a bit of gloom instead of darkness as we pack the kids off to school. Spring calls for new light. In spring the sun is sharply — blindingly — over the horizon as we leave for the day. It’s nearly horizontal beams make even familiar scenes and landscapes seem magical.

2. How We Breathe Changes

This is true inside and out. In the winter the cold temperatures frequently have us breathing through a leaky valve of a nose. A bit of drip from the nostrils keeps tissues in high demand though nary a sneeze occurs. Inside we miss that moisture. The dry air has us breathing through warm wet washcloths. (Tip: Throw that face cloth in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute for a steamy experience.) Part of what drives us to use that slow cooker and instant pot is being able to open it and smell and feel the delicious moisture and yummy smells that burst forth. Is the moisture as important as the smell? You betcha! (Tip: Baking can do the same thing. load up a homemade pizza with vegetables and meats and opening the oven will release a hit of steam that makes you feel like a dragon is breathing at you. Be ready. Take it in. Don’t miss the moment.)

Spring means we can finally breathe. OK, so the pollen counts may get high and you may have to take your Zyrtec or whatever. Still, we don’t have to hunt for air that has the right humidity. the extremes of temperature and dryness ease off and in our comfort we come to realize it is spring.

3. Wide Swing Temperatures

Speaking of extremes the temperature is a clue also. We understand the winter forecast. “The temperature is frigid. It will ease off during the day to merely cold and then return to bitter this evening.” Yes we’ve heard it and are tired of it. We are not fond of the Summer predictions either. “The temperature is sweltering. It will edge up to simulated inferno by mid afternoon. After that it will ease back to a sweaty discomfort.” Air conditioning please and thank you.

Spring is the time of lost jackets and great temperatures. It is one of the two brief times a year that having a drop top vehicle is simply glorious. The temperature start the day at nippy. rises to comfortable (That’s when you forget and then lose your jacket.) and then returns to comfortably brisk. What a delight to only need a sweater or light jacket when going out for the day. Spring is when the edge of winter breaks off revealing the cusp of warmer weather.

4. Of Course, Flowers

Now not every flowering plant is dormant in the winter. And it is nice to see a splash of color on the holly or winter roses. Yet we know winter for the dull grey and brown devil that it is. Winter is the color of dirt that won’t wash away and carbon laced ice that simply looks like the earth itself has a sinus infection. That is really depressing.

All the more reason that we rejoice when, after the blooms of the winter roses are long gone, we see a daffodil zooming out of the ground to poke it’s lone head above the remnants of the lawn that still has not responded to the warming temperatures.. It is not just the splash of color of the bloom. It is the vivid green of the stem. It is the sheer intensity of color breaking though our perceptions of the grey and brown. That revives our dispositions and our hopes.

5. Seeing Peoples Hair

Now in winter we (except for young hard headed pre-teens and teens) all understand the benefits of covering our heads. Some choose any one of a number of styles of hats. Some prefer hand knitted caps or scarves. A few may choose a beautiful pashminas. Even baseball caps are not out of place. They cover our heads as our jackets and coats cover our bodies. We see people only by their faces.

Now summer, of course, causes revelation. I’m not referring to the religious kind. I’m talking about who is pregnant now, and whose worked on their abs and their biceps, who has been to the islands our out running or sunning for the gorgeous tan. Summer we show off our bodies. Spring is too cold for that. only one thing gets revealed in the spring: Our hair.

Off with the hats and scarves. Come out and reveal yourself. Has your hair grown? Is it curly now? Is that a perm? What a great haircut. This is happening any day now. So what will you reveal? Synergy Salon encourages you to set your spring style now. Learn to love it and live with it. Recreate yourself as who you would like to discover yourself to be.

Yes, you can get the asymmetrical haircut. Or perhaps you want to trade in your classic style from the 80’s for one from the 60’s. Perhaps you want simplicity in your style. Perhaps you want to surprise folks when finally the scarf comes off. Here is a tip: Even if you don’t change your style you can change your hair color. Now there is no need to go from brunette to blond or vice versa. You can simply add a few highlights or even many highlights for a multidimensional effect.

You can adopt a streak of bright color — green or blue or pink — that makes people wonder if you cast spells or worship nature. You can add a wide diagonal streak of platinum to your dark hair and proclaim yourself to have super powers. (If you are a teacher, you probably do have super powers. The kids will change your hair color for you. We can help change it back.) Perhaps you want a little drama. If you have a cut that frames your face you could color blond only the very ends of your hair for a corona effect. If you have longer hair you might try an ombre effect. Darker hair on the top gradates at the middle of it’s length to a brighter shade at the ends. It gives the dynamic effect of a wave crashing on the beach as your hair flows down to your shoulders and back. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Spring will be here soon. Come get ready to reveal your hair. You could be the sign of spring that brightens someones day. That someone might even be you. Come explore the possibilities at Synergy Salon.

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