Prom For Girls

Prom For Girls

Posted on April 18th, 2018 by wfcsupport

Prom night is coming up. He’s handsome. You want to be gorgeous. Really, you are nervous. Maybe you found your dress in only two or three shopping trips. You even found matching shoes though that may have required an extra trip or two. What will he think? Do you think he will find you beautiful? Will it scare him. How far should you go? Is that too risqué?

Can’t go to prom with ordinary hair. What would everyone say? “ Nice dress, but same old girl.”

What more should you do? Makeup tricks? Got them. Accessories? Yes! Flowers? He will bring a nice corsage and you told him what color to get so that it matches the dress. Wait. About that hair? Is wash and wear really the level of glamour you want for prom night?

Perhaps it is time to remake your image. Perhaps a dramatic asymmetrical bob? Perhaps curls on one side only? Perhaps a kicky hairstyle that says you are leaving the world of little girl behind you. Long hairstyles in favor of something short or maybe a style that is serious but still romantic. This is the new you. It is important that your hairstyle reflects you. “Take notice world. It is not just the dress and flowers. I’m different.”

What about lift and bounce, shine and curl, body and finish. Perhaps your hair is long enough for a simple updo. Or perhaps it is long enough for a really complicated undo with a sculptural assembly of braids and curls.

Call Synergy Salon for any questions.

* We also do eye lash extension: NATURAL SET MAKE YOUR EYES LOOK SEXIER AND LONGER. This set is great for ladies with short lashes who put on light make up or even no make up. Beautiful choice for all special events.


  • 1- Decide how you will go to prom : with a date , with friend , with a group of friends. HAPPY PROM
  • 2- Buy an boutonniere if needed for date .
  • 3- Shop for your dress.
  • 4- Pick a few hair styles that you would love.
  • 5-Make your appointment early at Synergy Salon 704-322-3292 at least two weeks ahead of your prom day. Consultations prior to your prom appointment are complimentary and encouraged! Consultations provide a time to come up with the best hairstyle for you!
  • 6- When you come for the consultation, bring any hair accessories you desire to wear.
  • 7- Wash and style your hair the night before your prom appointment. Give your hair dresser a good foundation to work with.
  • ~ if your hair is fine and you want body, use a hair product that gives your hair body, such as gel or mouse.

    ~ if your hair is thick , corse and frizzy , use a hair product that will smooth and provide frizz control such as smooth balm or smooth infusion.

  • 8-Get a good night sleep before the big prom day!
  • 9-Show up 15 minutes early to your prom appointment and wear a button down shirt – So that you can change without messing your beautiful up do.
  • 10- Invest in a small bottle of hair spray and share with friends. They will love you.
  • 11- Relax , and allow your stylist to make a few adjustment to the photo you bring as all heads of hair are different.
  • 13- Be home at the time you agreed with your family.

Prom For Boys

Wow. Time to take this seriously. Your date is getting a dress and told you the color so you could get a corsage to match. You are renting a tux, maybe for the first time. Nervous? Just a little? If you are not nervous you either are not human or don’t understand how important this is. Prom night is about telling the world whom you have become, where you are going, how you have come of age.

It’s time to upgrade your style? Yeah, the athlete wash and wear style is efficient but is it any better than the straight geek cut? You are not that simple. There is more to you than your class knows. How can you express it. Your hair is growing out. A decision for hair cut for prom is special and their picture will last a life time . Maybe something that allows you to redefine not just who you are but the man you are becoming.

When it come to pick a hair style for you , start with the basic men hair cut and give it a few little twits to make your own style. . Find three or five photos of the style that you like the narrow them down to one depending on texture, thickness and your hair growth pattern. Either it be

Clean and classic, a low and high fade with a line cut in on the part, a bit messy and undone, short-and-choppy cut with some length on the top and bangs area, a clean slicked back look with no part a little length for the looseness and relaxed feel of look, edgy and undone look , or bohemian, rock ‘n’ roll, lived in look.Call Synergy Salon to discover one the work for you.

A controlled messiness look is a great style for guys with curly hair as it works with your texture and not against it. the best way to ensure we don’t cut too much into the length is to cut curly hair dry, since curly hair seem to be longer when it is wet.To style curly hair, apply a cream to smooth and add definition to the curls while hair is wet. If hair is extra curly add some texturizing salt spray which will help the hair from getting too poofy. Let hair air dry or use a diffuser to set the curls. It’s important to let the curls be after it dry and not run your fingers through as this will only make it big and frizzy.


1- Decide how you will go to prom : with a date , with friend , with a group of friends.

2- Have your financial straight to pay for ticket, your tux, corsage , dinner , transportation.

2- Ask your date out for prom two month head. She will love your sincere at yours first to ask.

3- Get Fitted for and Rent a Tux with your date / Mom/ Dad. Make it a event with your love one.

4- Buy a corsage..Bring a small token for her parents , they will appreciated you.

5- Make Reservations for Dinner

6- Pick out a tux with date / Mom/ Dad. Make it a event with your love one.

4- What style would you like to bring out to emphasize your personal character.

5-Call Synergy Salon for a hair cut appointment two week ahead of your prom date.

6- Have a good shave.

7- Have good night sleep before your prom date.


9- Take her on time per arrangement with her family

10 – Walk with your date to her door and say hello to her parents , or any family member that are there.

11- Drive home safely and you did it. A happy memory before leaving high school.

Call Synergy Salon for your prom up do and hair cut.

Come together , and you both receive a traveling size of hair spray for her and a traveling size of styling product for him.

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